Mask for heat treatment

Alps Hot Mask is intended to be used in combination with topical agents (creams, serums, ointments)

that should be applied to the skin to enhance and accelerate the absorption.

After being properly heated, the Alps Hot Mask stimulates microcirculation in the skin,

facilitating the penetration of active agents into the dermal layer.

It has been widely demonstrated that when the skin temperature rises,

absorption of topical agents improves as it decreases the viscosity of the sebum.

Alps Hot Mask therefore allows deeper penetration of the active ingredients contained in the applied topical agents.

Instructions for use:

  • Place the mask in a suitable container and immerse it in hot water for about 4-5 minutes
  • While waiting, cleanse thoroughly your face and apply your cosmetic or therapeutic cream
  • As soon as the gel becomes transparent, the mask is ready for use
  • Remove the mask from the water with the help of tongues and dry it thoroughly
  • Check the temperature with the back of the hand and, if necessary, allow it to cool to the desired temperature before wearing it
  • Apply the mask with the gel part in contact with the face and apply pressure for a perfect adherence
  • The mask will keep the heat for 10 minutes
  • As the mask begins to cool, it will harden and maintain the shape of the users’s face
  • Reusable: apply daily for one month – washable with water and facial cleansers

Have a look at our tutorial video:

ALPS Cosmetic Masks are available for Private Label and OEM!

We offer a customized design to meet your needs:
  • Customization of eyes, mouth, nose, and facial per your request
  • Customization of the fabric color, as well as the thickness for all masks
  • Your label logo on the mask

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