Alps Retainer is designed to ensure a perfect fit to the face for any ALPS masks, as well as any other mask on the market.

The Retainer is heated and thermoformed directly on the face applying pressure where necessary.

This product will allow you to perfectly cast the users facial features, therefore eliminating the need to thermoform again, unless desired.

This allows the Retainer to be used for infinite applications.

Instructions for use:

  • Remove the retainer from the packaging and place it inside a suitable container. Heat 1,5 liters of hot water and pour it inside the container. Wait about 25 seconds
  • Cleanse thoroughly your face
  • Remove the mask from the water and dry it
  • Place the Retainer on the face and apply pressure for a perfect fit
  • Keep it worn untill it becomes solid again
  • ALPS Retainer is therefore ready to be used in combination with other ALPS masks or with your favourite mask for a perfect fit
  • Reusable: form one time and use forever!

Have a look at our tutorial video:

ALPS Cosmetic Masks are available for Private Label and OEM!

We offer a customized design to meet your needs:

Contact your Sales Representative to learn more about the different customization options such as: Shape, Size, Color, Additional/Active Ingredients (oil-based), Fragrance, Packaging, Private Label/Logo, etc.

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